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About Jason

Guiding You to your Goals...

Jason established WeAtOneLifeCoaching in 2020, after receiving his Diploma in Life Coaching. Jason is a certified Life Coach who specialises in helping people with confidence and self-worth issues. Jason's coaching style is a holistic fusion touching on lifestyle, relationships, diet and wellness, combined with modern life coaching techniques.

"Every client has different needs and wants. I tailor my packages and coaching methods to fit them as individuals, utilizing what I've learnt over the many years of working with the public and combining that with a practical approach."

Having spent nearly 10years in the hairdressing industry, life took a dramatic turn when he developed a chronic illness in his mid 20s. "I was severely suffering with IBS or Irritable Bowl Syndrome, so much so that I nearly quit my job. I knew I could recover from this chronic illness but conventual doctors and medicine wasn't working for me."

Jason spent the next 10 years traveling to different parts of the globe, seeking advice from psychic mediums, spiritualists, eastern doctors and many different forms of "coaches" researching wellness and how he could overcome this illness. Years later, after learning how to successfully manage his IBS, Jason's passion for people was taken to the next level and in 2020 he decided to become a Life Coach.

"During my healing journey, I learnt that mindset was key to achieving what I had set out accomplish. Now I want to take what I have learnt and use it to help others with their journey." 

Jason has appeared on many podcasts and online magazines and continues to spread his knowledge on what mindset, confidence and self worth can do for people on an international scale.

What to expect

As your Life Coach I will focus on two key elements, confidence and self-worth. My signature package is tailor made according to what you as an individual needs and wants. The length of time I will be coaching you will vary also. As a Life Coach, my job is to assess where you are, how this came to be, where you want to be and how we will achieve this. Together we will:

  • Set achievable goals

  • Assess negative or limiting beliefs and look at how we can change this

  • Set boundaries in your life to put you first

  • Implement effective tools and techniques to assist you

  • Learn how to implement positive thinking

  • Tackle powerful questions and discover what really matters to you

  • Keep you accountable and support you through the process

  • Work to build your Confidence and Self-Worth

I strongly believe you attract the kind of life you think you are worthy of, this is rooted in self-worth. As your Life Coach, the services I offer will build on your beliefs surrounding self-worth.

The limiting beliefs we place on ourselves will ultimately manifest into our reality. But guess what, our current reality is based on the thoughts that we can change. 

If we replace “should of” or “could of” with  “I will” or “what if” then this makes way for possibility. 

If deep down you believe you are unworthy of the fulfilment of happiness, how can you expect real change. Well this is where I come in. My style of Life Coaching is not only powerful but it actually works, as my holistic approach incorporates both practicality, sensitivity and mindset. All this will be tailored to you.

I will talk you through all your limiting beliefs and doubts and help you replace them with a strong positive mindset. I will help you to change your belief system, so you can see how worthy you are of the life you want to have. Once we are clear about what you want, I will guide you through the second key element to success;


Knowing what you want helps but having the confidence to carry this forward is paramount to achieving your goals. Many people, when embarking on a life changing journey will question themselves “What if I fail at this....." But I ask you “What if you succeed!?”

Ultimately, the biggest question here is “What will happen if you do nothing to help change your life for the better…”

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